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Practicing Safety in the Field

Safety Starts with Proper Training

At MEI, we take safety very seriously; in fact, it is ingrained in our corporate culture. Each new employee receives orientation in safety, including a one-on-one review of our safety manual, and is also trained in CPR and First Aid.

All field personnel are issued personal protective equipment. They are all OSHA 10-hour certified. We train our employees in lockout and tagout procedures and teach them how to identify/recognize potential safety hazards and what corrective action to take. When new tools and technologies are introduced, we bring in experts to provide safety training and certify our people in their use.

To insure safety on the job, MEI holds weekly "Tool Box Talks" on site to keep employees informed about safety issues which are followed up by a manager's written report to the office. In addition, the MEI safety officer makes periodic, unannounced site visits to be sure procedures are being followed.