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New England Performace Cars Exterior

New England Performace Cars Interior - Ceiling

New England Performace Cars Interior - Main Showroom

New England Performance Cars
Location: Nashua, NH
Electrical value: $675,000

New England Performance Cars had two dealerships at separate locations. In 2002 the owners purchased the site of an old Howard Johnson's on Route 3, a very busy highway, to consolidate their business, raise their profile and showcase the elegant, upscale German autos they offer. They decided to build three new buildings totaling 54,000 square feet from the ground-up - Audi Service, Audi Showroom and Porsche Sales and Service. All buildings were to be connected by tunnels to move people about easily and keep them out of the weather.

MEI was the preferred electrical contractor on the project which included lighting for the site and parking facility as well as lighting, power and fire alarm systems for all of the buildings' interiors including the workshops and mechanical areas. The project schedule allowed 9 months for MEI to complete their scope of work. However, due to site development delays, we had to accelerate the pace and turn this around in a 7-month time frame.

As with most MEI projects, this was a team effort working in coordination with the owner, engineers, on-site architect and contractor. The buildings and the site had to complement the product image conveying speed, sophistication, pleasure and reliability - all qualities associated with high performance cars - and at the same time be highly functional.

The European-designed buildings with their futuristic look of sleek silvery metal and walls of curved glass presented a great challenge for our crews. Creating unique, state-of-the-art lighting involved working with German-manufactured materials and components and incorporating them into United States' standards to fit the design. The showrooms feature ceiling heights up to 30' with suspended theatrical lighting fixtures to display the high-end autos.

The external lighting was designed to be dazzling, dramatic, visually stunning – to make the site look like daylight 24 hours a day – and indeed it does. Approximately fifty 25' multiple luminare pole stanchions are strategically located throughout the parking lot areas to evenly dispense the correct amount of light output on the vehicles. All exterior systems are controlled via a low voltage energy management system designed and installed by MEI.

New England Performance Cars Porsche/Audi dealership is a spectacular addition to the Nashua business landscape.